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How to batch change the date received on Office 365 mail

Sometimes bad things happen to good mailboxes. We were recently doing a fairly standard mailbox migration from Google Apps to Office 365. This mailbox in particular was about 30 GB and had mail going back 20+ years. It also had some previous migration history. The History Nothing too unusual here. In 2014 the mailbox was [...]

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Split and Encrypt PDF

We recently had a need internally where we wanted to split and subsequently encrypt each page of a PDF. In our exact case, we wanted to split a payroll PDF file into individual paystubs based upon the employee's name. Once we had each page separated, we also wanted to encrypt the employee's paystub using a [...]

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Fixing ODWEK with C#

NPAPI Google Chrome completely removed NPAPI as of September 2015. http://www.chromium.org/developers/npapi-deprecation Google provided plenty of notice that they were going to do this. They even deprecated the feature, but left a way to turn it back on for a short time. At a specific client, we were using an IBM applet that relied on NPAPI and [...]

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